CJP Nisar takes notice of non-issuance of CNICs to transgender persons

  • He summoned Punjab chief secretary and other concerned members of the provincial administration on Monday

ISLAMABAD – Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Sunday took suo motu notice of non-issuance of computerized national identity cards (CNIC)the to transgender community.

The top judge had taken notice following the complaints made by the community during his visit to Fountain House,  a non-government institute of mental heath, on Saturday.

He has ordered Punjab chief secretary and other concerned members of the provincial administration to appear before the court on Monday.

The court also instructed Akhwat Foundation’s Amjad Saqib to attend the hearing, which will take place at the apex court’s Lahore registry.

The chief justice visited Fountain House on the first day of Eidul Fitr and donated money to the institution.

During the visit, the chief justice also distributed gifts among the patients as Eid gifts. He also praised the working of the institution, besides questioning, “Why the public institutions could not work in this way”.

CJP Saqib reveals post-retirement plans during visit to Fountain House on Eid

He also visited different wards of the rehabilitation center. Impressed by the performance of the Fountain House, the chief justice also revealed his post-retirement plans. “I will spent my rest of life after retirement in social work,” he disclosed.

Talking about swelling debt of Pakistan, the top judge said: “We have to get rid of it for our next generations”.

He also highlighted significance of education, saying a country cannot achieve development without focusing on this sector, adding that the water issue must be resolved on the priority basis.

Fountain House is a professional self-help program, which started in New York City in the 1940s, operated by men and women recovering from major mental illness in collaboration with a professional staff.