Would prefer resignation over injustice, CJP Nisar admonishes lawyers in policeman torture case

  • Being a father of a department, ready to brave abuses: Saqib Nisar

LAHORE – Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mian Saqib Nisar threatened to tender resignation on Saturday after a group of lawyers started protesting in the courtroom in a show of support to a fellow.

During the hearing of a suo moto ase regarding the alleged torture on a policeman by a lawyer, the secretary of the Lahore Bar Sohail Arshad pleaded the top judge to suspend an FIR lodged against a lawyer, saying that their fellow did not beat up the policeman in question.

However, the chief justice declined the request and stood his ground, saying, he would better relinquish the charge instead of injustice.

‘The FIR would not be suspended and anyone responsible for the crime be it a lawyer, investigative officer or policeman would be punished,’ remarked the chief justice and admonished the lawyers for raising slogans against him.

‘You should be ashamed of raising slogans against your father,’ remarked the chief justice while addressing the protesting lawyers.

To this, the president of the Lahore Bar clarified that the slogans of ‘shame, shame’ were aimed at police.

‘Those who chant such slogans should not appear before my court,’ remarked the chief justice.

The secretary of the Lahore bar argued that the lawyers would stage a sit-in outside the court if the top judge fails to suspend the clauses regarding terrorism in the FIR.

However, the top judge declined this plea as well and observed that the lawyers should stage a sit-in as he would come out of the courtroom to see the demonstration as well.

‘On the next hearing, the video regarding the torture on the policeman would be examined to track the culprits,’ remarked the top judge.

After the heated edbate, the top judge walked out of the court room and walked towards the GPO Chowk Lahore to receive the applications by the citizens who had gathered at the place.