LAHORE – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) dealers increased the price of fuel by up to Rs22.33 per kilogram with effect from Saturday following government’s decision on increasing the natural gas price.

In the Sindh region, the price of fuel has touched Rs 104 per Kg after an increase of Rs 18 per Kg, while in Balochistan the price is Rs 109 per Kg.

In KPK the fuel would be sold at Rs 107 per Kg.

In Punjab, the price of CNG remained unchanged at Rs125-126 per kg as the increase in natural gas price for fuel stations did not apply to dealers in the province who consumed the imported liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Earlier, the government notified increase in gas prices for seven different gas consumption slabs, with 10 percent hike for lowest slab and 143 percent rise for the highest gas consuming slab.

There are around 2,200 CNG filling stations and over two million cars and public transport vehicles run on the fuel in the country.