ISLAMABAD – Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan expressed on Saturday that military head General Bajwa ‘stands by democracy’.

Speaking at an event about PTI’s Billion Tree Tsunami project Khan kept his lips tightened regarding first interaction with General Bajwa.

‘The good news is that this army chief stands by democracy,’ Mr Khan said while avoiding further details.

Although the event was discussing his party’s climate change initiative, Mr Khan was promptly asked a question about his meeting with Chief of Army Staff.

He responded with a smile and said ‘If I respond to this in detail, the headlines will be dominated by this and no one will talk about climate change’.

Imran Khan’s meeting with army chief is becoming talk of the town as political analysts are not viewing as as a run off the mill communication majorly due to the Panama case verdict that would be out in next few weeks.