Haqqani network commander, companions killed in Kurram region drone attack

  • Two missiles were launched targeting a house in Dappa Mamazoi area

HANGU – At least three suspected terrorists were killed on Wednesday during a drone attack in Kurram region, one of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan.

According to local media, the drone launched two missiles hitting a house in Dappa Mamazoi area in which Haqqani Network commander Ehsan alias Khawari and his two companions were killed.

On Jan 17, two extremists were killed in a drone strike in an area of Afghanistan, bordering with Pakistan. The drone attack took place in Shanqilay area of Afghanistan.

This was the second strike in a day near the border. The first strike was reportedly carried out in Lower Kurram Agency’ area Badsha Kot in which a missile hit a house, leaving one person injured.

Previous Drone Strikes in Pakistan

At least two people, including a Haqqani militant network commander, were killed after a suspected US drone targeted a vehicle on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border near Kurram Agency, officials said.

According to sources, there were at least four people in the vehicle when it was targeted that led to the killing of Haqqani network commander Jumma Khan and his aide.

Earlier in November, a suspected US drone strike targeted a hideout of the Haqqani militant network in the same area, killing four people.