ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Saudi Arab has refused to give consular access to detained Pakistani self-styled ‘Defense Analyst’ Zaid Hamid who has been reportedly sentenced for eight years and 1,200 lashes for criticizing Saudi government.

Reportedly, Saudi authorities have turned down a request by Pakistani Embassy authorities in Medina and the team from Counsel General Jeddah has not been permitted to meet the self-proclaimed Pakistani security analyst.

It is said that Zaid Hamid had criticized the Saudi government over Yemem issue that enraged the orthodox Saudi authorities.

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However, Foreign Office spokesman Qazi Khalilullah has denied having knowledge of the sentence awarded to Zahid Hamid, saying that news had not been confirmed by Saudi Arabia yet

Qazi Khalilullah went on to say that Zaid Hamid’s wife has been able to talk to her spouse due to the efforts made by Pakistan Foreign Ministry in this regard.