ISLAMABAD – Turkish Airlines has reportedly terminated the services of its General Manager of Islamabad region, Yunus Mert, over allegations of corruption, said sources close to Turkish Airlines employees’ association on condition of anonymity on Sunday.

Instead of going back to Turkey, the sacked GM of the airlines for Islamabad has now reportedly left for to Vienna via Qatar to escape legal proceedings against him in his home country.

The sources added that the GM was allegedly fired on charges of fraud and embezzlement during construction of the airline’s new office in Islamabad. He was also said to be involved in corruption in activities related to procurement.

According to Turkish Airlines’ PR spokesperson in Pakistan, the alleged corruption was at a very ‘small scale unlike what was initially reported’, he maintained that corruption, however small, was immediately noticed by Turkish Airlines which took swift investigative action on allegations, and after finding evidences was quick to remove the regional GM from his post.