KARACHI – The Pakistan chapter of Muttahida Quami Movement led by Farooq Sattar condemned Altaf Hussain’s appeal to Indian premier Narendra Modi for raising the issue of Mohajirs.

MQM-pakistan Rabita Committee on Friday said any individual or group had no right to call into question the patriotism of Mujahirs by making calls for help to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The committee said, Muhajirs always took pride in being Pakistanis and the hearts of their children beat for the beloved motherland.

‘Our forefathers had not only been in the forefront of the movement for creation of Pakistan, but also sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives in this regard’ they added.

The committee condemned Altaf Hussain’s call and reiterated the party’s commitment to outsmart conspiracies by rivals against Pakistan and the Muhajir community.

‘People of Pakistan recall Narendra Modi as ‘butcher of Gujrat’ said Farooq Sattar.

MQM founder Altaf Hussain stirred controversy once again when he said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi should speak out for the rights of Muhajirs in Karachi.

“I would like to register my complaint with Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, as Mr Modi, I regret to say, you are raising your voice over the brutality of Pakistan Army against the people of Baluchistan…never raise your voice for your own people who lived in India for centuries,” he said.

“Our forefathers made a big mistake and migrated to Pakistan, but we were born here, and never accepted as Pakistani or sons of soil. Mr Prime Minister you should have raised your voice against the atrocities, discrimination and brutality of Pakistani establishment, Army and para military forces against Urdu-speaking Muhajirs, your own people in Karachi, Pakistan,” he added.