ISLAMABAD – The federal government has shown its negligence over the existence of an organised network of Daesh in three major universities of the federal capital.

As per document received by Online, the Islamic International University Islamabad (IIUI) is top of among those universities where some 1782 students of 39 countries were studying. It has revealed that Higher Education Commission (HEC) has no record of these foreign students.

An official of HEC on the condition of anonymity told “Online” in this regard that various foreign students have been admitted in universities registered in HEC against the rules and regulations. The majority of these students were Afghan nationals along with the students the Arab States including Yemen, Iraq and China.

“About 1782 students of 39 countries, the maximum students are Afghan nationals which are 671, Chinese 579, Thailand 104, Nigeria 30, Saudi Arab 24. India 11, Indonesia 94, Yemen 10, Turkey 23 while numbers of female students in IIUI are Afghan national 36, China 249 and Indonesia included”, the document added and maintained that most of the foreign students have frozen their semester and return to their countries for the long stay in Pakistan.

The document further said that majority of foreign students were allegedly involved in illegal activities as Uganda based student Sarwara has organised his network which has not been checked by Interior Ministry or HEC so far.

It is pertinent to mention here that a detailed news story has been released by Online News Agency about the foreign students’ relations with Daish in Islamabad. The mysterious silence of Interior Ministry and Chairman HEC is the question mark over the performance of federal government.-Online