NEW DELHI (Staff Report) – Over one hundred people died while another 280 were left severely burnt when fire erupted at Puttingal temple in Kollam city of India’s Kerala state.

The devotees were marking Hindu religious festival at the temple with fireworks, when the fire caught storage room where a huge cache of fireworks was kept. As a result almost every section of the temple was overtaken by the fire.

Multiple explosions, ranging from minor to huge, were also heard from the temple, while rescue teams were struggling to evacuate the temple. Some parts of temple’s building are said to have collapsed as well.

According to rescue officials, the number of casualties is feared to rise as many of the injured have received burns on critical body parts. A state of emergency has been announced at all hospitals located in the city.

Following the tragedy, state government has issued emergency phone numbers: 0474 2512344, 9497960778, 9497930869, in order to facilitate the citizens to know about the well being of their loved ones.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed deep grief over the fire tragedy, saying that he will be reaching Kerala to review the situation. He also announced INRs200,000 in compensation for the families of those killed and INRs50,000 rupees for the injured.