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LONDON (Staff Report) – Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif’s “open-heart” surgery in a London hospital today is currently underway and due for successful completion.

However, its first phase has been declared a success by Maryam Nawaz, his daughter, on Twitter.

The Minister for Information Pervaiz Rashid, speaking to the press, has also said that the PM’s operation is progressing well.

The premier’s daughter also confirmed that all arteries had been “grafted successfully” during the operation.

She also said that the procedure would take a few hours longer.

Minister for Information Pervaiz Rashid also told media that the premier’s operation was progressing successfully, adding that the good news was due to the many prayers the Prime Minister had received from his well-wishers among the public.

The premier is now expected to remain in the Intensive Care Unit for a week while he recovers from the procedure, according to media reports. During his stay at the hospital, he will be overseeing the affairs of his government from London, the media wing of PM House said earlier.

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However, there is a great deal of secrecy surrounding the PM’s surgery, according to a report in Dawn. It is currently unclear where he has been admitted as he could not be found at the Royal Brompton Hospital in Chelsea where he previously received treatment.

It is presumed that he left his home without detection.

Members of the premier’s security detail have also allegedly been posted at various hospitals to throw reporters off the trail, according to Dawn.

Nawaz’s health problems

Nawaz Sharif went for his first medical check-up this year in April, causing a stir among observers as it coincided with his family being named in the Panama Papers for their ownership of three offshore companies and various undeclared assets abroad.

The Prime Minister traveled to London again this month for a follow-up consultation with doctors. During this trip, he was advised to undergo open heart surgery.

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The procedure began today at 08:00 am and continued for a few hours.

The Prime Minister is expected to remain in London to recover from the procedure for a few days, after which he will return to Pakistan to launch a nationwide campaign to address different public rallies before the beginning of Ramazan.