PESHAWAR (Staff Report) – As many as five out of total fourteen terrorists, who attacked Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Badaber base on Friday, have been identified during investigation at forensic laboratory.

According to reliable sources these five militants belonged to Sawat and Khyber Agency. Adnan, Siraj-ud-Din and Ibrahim were residents of Khyber Agency while Mohammad Ishaq and Rab Nawaz have been identified as occupants of Sawat.

The process of identification of remaining Badaber attackers is underway, the sources added.

Meanwhile Political Agency Khyber Agency Shahab Ali Shah has also confirmed that four of Badaber attacker belonged to different areas of Khyber Agency.

He also announced a prize of Rs 10 lakh for those providing information about Badaber base attackers and their facilitators.

The friends and facilitators of terrorists will also be treated as terrorists, he declared.

Earlier on Friday a group of fourteen militants attacked PAF Badaber base near Peshawar and martyred 29 people including security personnel. All of the attackers were killed in clearance operation.