HYDERABAD – Ali Kazi, a former journalist launched his own political party named Tabdeeli Pasand Party (TPP)  on Sunday.

Addressing a huge public gathering at Hyderabad, he said that change could only be brought about by the power of the vote adding that his party would be a harbinger of change in Sindh and will drastically change the way politics is practiced in this province.

Moreover, he explained that the vote was the future of upcoming generations and people throng political meetings with dreams of bright future for their children and not to appease some feudal lords.

“This party is an alternative to all other feudal-dominated parties in Sindh,” he vowed at to a thunderous applause from the jubilant crowd.

Mr. Kazi, a Sindhi journalist and news anchor associated with KTN News, further said that corruption was an issue that concerned the entire country, but Sindh was its worst victim.

The journalist-turned-politician continued that 99 percent people of Sindh had been fed up with old-fashioned parties declaring that feudal lords claim to buy votes with money, considering public as a purchaseable commodity.

He assured the workers that his party would field candidates in all constituencies in Sindh in the upcoming general election.

“If millions wanted change, no one could stop the change,” he asserted.

Born in the political and media business family of Hyderabad, Ali Kazi is the youngest son of Muhammad Akber Kazi, former Sindh Provincial Home minister.

He entered into the political landscape of the country on January 22, 2012 when he organized a huge public gathering in Bhit Shah, a little town of central Sindh.

In his address back then, Kazi declared his plans to launch a political party with the slogan to bring change in the political system in favor of merit, good governance, equality, justice and transparency, however, it took him 6 years to materialise his plans.