LAHORE – Hindus in Pakistan are celebrating Holi, the festival of colours that falls in the lunar month of Phalguna of the Hindu calendar here today (Sunday).

Holi, which is a popular Hindu spring festival of colors, is observed in Pakistan at the end of the winter season on the last full moon of the lunar month.

As in other parts of the country, the Hindu community of the Lahore is celebrating Holi by splashing colours on each other, singing hymns and offering special prayers for the prosperity of Pakistan and its minorities.

Top political leadership of Pakistan extended their Holi wishes to the Hindu community. Imran Khan, PTI supremo took to Twitter to deliver Holi message.

Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif also felicitated the community adding that Hindus along with other minorities had equal rights.

PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and chairman Bilawal Bhutto also congratulated the community on the festival.

“The festival of Holi symbolises the triumph of good over evil and of light over darkness,” he said. “Instead of bemoaning the darkness we should light a candle and instead of bemoaning hatred we should plant the seeds of love,” the former president added.

In his felicitation message, the PPP Chairman said that he had visited Umerkot to celebrate Holi with the Hindu community last year. However, this year due to the pressing engagements for the Party reorganisation process in Lahore, he could not attend Holi festivities personally.

Earlier on Saturday, Opposition Leader in National Assembly Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah felicitated the Hindu community of Pakistan on the eve of Holi. “May the celebrations today also usher in peace, prosperity and joy not only in the lives of Hindus but in the lives of all people,” he said in his message.

The celebration of Holi is very ancient in its origin. By its very origin, Holi is celebrated as an ultimate triumph of the “good” over the “evil.” The many colours associated with Holi are said to be the face of celebrations.

On the occasion of Holi Hindus meet with friends and plays with the colours, dance and generally have a good time. Hindus usually gather in temples and celebrate the Holi there.