ISLAMABAD – Maryan Nawaz, daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed on Wednesday that she feared for the fate of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman in the hereafter.

The PTI chairman who claimed that he was offered a staggering Rs. 10 billion to keep mum over Panama Leaks went a mile further on Thursday and alleged that a friend of Hamza Shahbaz, son of chief minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif communicated him the message of Sharif family through Dubai channel seeking his silence over Panama Leaks case.

Responding to the allegation, Maryam Nawaz took to Twitter and stated that Imran himself was confused as he named Shahbaz Sharif initially but then named a friend of Hamza Sharif.

The PTI chairman, while speaking to a gathering at Shaukat Khanum Hospital a day ago, had accused the Sharif family of offering him Rs. 10 billion in the Panama Leaks case.

I was offered Rs10 billion bribe to stay silent on Panama case, claims Imran Khan

“Just imagine how much money he offered me to be silent. Rs10 billion…  If he can offer me this much money, just imagine how much he would offer to others. That is why if we don’t maintain public pressure this issue then after two months it will be dragged to next year,” Khan said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Maryam Nawaz dubbed Imran Khan a ‘liar’ for his claim.