KARACHI (Staff Report) – Former president Pervez Musharraf has rejected the statement of an American journalist Mark Seigel in which he alleged that then military ruler of Pakistan had threatened Benazir Bhutto during a phone call in 2007 before she arrived in Pakistan.

In a statement Musharraf said that he never phoned Benazir while she was residing United States and that the statement of Mark Seigel was false and contrary to facts.

“The slain PPP head asked for security prior to her arrival in Pakistan in writing and she was provided with proper security under the supervision of same officers that she had named in her request,” the former president said.

He further added that few anti-Pakistan elements want to use the statement of American journalism to malign him.

He went on to say that Mark Seigel cannot deny the reality based on evidences through his baseless statement in the anti-terrorism court.

Earlier on Thursday American Journalist Mark Seigel, a key witness in Benazir murder case recorded his statement.

In his statement, he had revealed that Benazir Bhutto received threatening call by Musharraf on September 25, 2007, adding that Benazir told him that Musharraf has threatened her.

While recording his statement, Seigel broke into tears as he spoke about Benazir.

He went on to say that the call to Benazir was received on September 25, 2007 as she was sitting in the office of US Senator Tom Lantos.

Seigel added that as the phone rang she showed him her phone screen which said ‘Musharraf’.

He further said that after receiving the call she seemed very disturbed.

He went on to say that Musharraf in his phone call said to Benazir that her life is in danger and that her involvement in any political activities in Pakistan will be her own responsibility.

According to Seigel, Musharraf also said to Benazir in his phone call, “Your security depends on the relationship between us.”

Seigel said that Benazir emailed him to say that if she was killed then Pervez Musharraf would be held responsible.

Earlier that day, the ATC also recorded the statement of complainant Inspector Kashif Riaz in the murder case, however, the cross examination over the statement would be continued on next date of hearing.

Recording his statement, Riaz said that Benazir had raised her head from the sunroof of the vehicle even when she arrived at the rally, and not just before the attack.

The cross examination was underway but due to shortage of time the ATC adjourned hearing of the case till October 5.