ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan will visit four cities in one day as part of his party’s election campaign, the PTI sources said on Friday.

Khan’s whirlwind tour on Saturday will take him to Bannu, Karak, Islamabad and Lahore where he is expected to attract large crowds as the cricketer-turned-politician is running for top office in the South Asian country.

The PTI chief was in Bahawalpur earlier today, where he said “one who cannot reform the institution cannot curb corruption.”

Addressing his supporters, Khan said that his party would reform the institutions to ensure accountability, work for conservation of water and build Bhasha Dam besides empowering the farmers if its comes to power.

“PTI will prioritise South Punjab province when it comes to power, South Punjab province will be our top priority,” Imran said.

“We will build the Bhasha Dam and take all necessary measures for conservation of water,” Khan said.

Pakistan is set to hold general polls next Wednesday, July 25th.