ISLAMABAD – An Indian diplomat was found taking pictures of an Islamabad High Court judge inside the courtroom with his cell phone on Friday, catching the eye of court staff who took him in brief detention.

First Secretary of Indian High Commission Piyush Singh had gone to Islamabad High court in context of Indian national Uzma’s writ petition. When the officials brought the incident to the notice of the IHC judge, he ordered confiscation of Singh’s phone.

The judge, terming it a serious violation of the court decorum, ordered the Indian diplomat to submit a written apology before the court after Singh verbally apologised for the said incident.

The diplomat told the court that he was texting on his phone and not using his camera.

However, later he issued a written apology which was accepted by the court, with a warned not to repeat the act.

“I apologise for using mobile in court by mistake. It is requested that I may kindly be pardoned for this,” said Singh, in his apology statement.

The cellphone was later returned to him and no charges were pressed.