ISLAMABAD – Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav has said that the Indian envoy who accompanied his family during the meeting in Islamabad was threatening his mother.

“He was shouting at my mother,” Jadhav said in a latest video statement referring to Indian Deputy High Commission JP Singh, adding that he saw fear in eyes of his mother and wife.

“It seemed that my mother was tortured in the flight to Pakistan,” noted Jadhav who met his family in Pakistan on December 25th.

Pakistan honours commitments: Kulbhushan Jadhav’s meeting with family ends

Jadhav continued that his mother was happy to see him when he told her that no one tortured him during his stay in Pakistan.

“The meeting with family was cordial and in a good atmosphere.” asserted Jadhav who was sentenced to death by a military tribunal in Pakistan on charges of espionage.

The Indian spy further said that he was still a commissioned officer in Indian Navy as his service was not over.

“I am really thankful to Pakistan government for giving permission for the meeting,” Jadhav mentioned categorically.

Let it be known that JP Singh was with the Kulbhushan’s family when the meeting took place, however, he could not speak or listen to what was being exchanged.