Indian media used Nawaz Sharif’s interview for own interests, asserts PM Abbasi

  • Nobody needs a certificate of patriotism from anyone
  • National security of Pakistan won't be compromised: Abbasi

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has expressed that the recent statement of his predecessor Nawaz Sharif was misreported, blaming Indian media for using it to its advantage.

Addressing a National Assembly session on Tuesday, the premier said that Sharif’s commentary regarding Mumbai attacks was published in a wrong perspective and was being used for political point scoring.

“I can say with assurance that no one in Parliament has read the newspaper interview of the former premier of which an irate is being created,” he said in front of the lawmakers.

PM Abbasi negated the term ‘traitor’ for Nawaz Sharif adding that “nobody needs a certificate of patriotism from anyone”.

Reiterating that the stance on national security will remain the same, the premier asserted that the national security of Pakistan won’t be compromised ever.

After Prime minister’s address, opposition walked out from the session as a protest.

Nawaz Stands His Ground

Though PM Abbasi struck a cautious note in his National Assembly address, his boss, Nawaz Sharif is standing his ground over the commentary regarding Mumbai attacks.

Talking to newsmen outside the accountability court in Islamabad, the supreme leader of ruling PML-N rejected the response of country’s top security committee on the issue.

Nawaz rejects NSC response over Mumbai attacks’ remarks as baseless

The former lawmaker termed the NSC response as worrisome and frightening, adding that it was based on the misunderstanding and lacked facts.

The world has abandoned Pakistan as there is no any country standing along it, Sharif lamented, adding, “We [Pakistan] are isolated internationally”. He reiterated his demand of forming a commission to probe his remarks.

NSC Response

The country’s top security body on Monday unanimously rejected the allegations and condemned the fallacious assertions stemming out of a recent statement regarding Mumbai attacks, terming it ‘incorrect and misleading’.

The participants of the high-profile meeting, under the chair of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, observed that it was very unfortunate that the opinion arising out of either misconceptions or grievances was being presented in disregard of concrete facts and realities.

The NSC meeting was called on the suggestion of Pakistan Army days after former premier, Nawaz Sharif delivered a statement that was spun by the Indian media as a tacit admission of Pakistan’s involvement in the 2008 attacks that left 166 people dead.

What’s the Controversy?

The NSC meeting was called days after former premier, Nawaz Sharif delivered a statement that was spun by the Indian media as a tacit admission of Pakistan’s involvement in the 2008 attacks that left 166 people dead.

Sharif, who has been disqualified to hold public office for life by the Supreme Court in the Panama Papers case, in an exclusive interview with Dawn slammed the slow probe and questioned the authorities who allowed the Mumbai attacks ‘to take place from Pakistan soil’.

“Militant organisations are active. Call them non-state actors, should we allow them to cross the border and kill 150 people in Mumbai? Explain it to me. Why can’t we complete the trial?” Sharif had asked in the interview.

Criticising the country’s foreign policy, Sharif had added: “We have isolated ourselves. Despite giving sacrifices, our narrative is not being accepted. Afghanistan’s narrative is being accepted, but ours is not. We must look into it.”

Soon after the statement, Indian media outlets gave a twist to the story and started portraying Pakistan in a bad light, out of context.

Nawaz’s remarks being twisted out of context: Shehbaz

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday said that Nawaz’s interview was twisted out of context by his political opponents.

In his address at a public rally in Sindhri, the Punjab chief minister said that India is conspiring against Pakistan by using Afghan soil.

“Our mothers and sisters are being killed in Kashmir. Almighty has made Pakistan a nuclear state. If India casts an evil eye upon Pakistan then the army and people of Pakistan will give a befitting reply,” he said.