KARACHI (APP) – Like other countries in the world, Pakistan is also observing International Women’s Day 2015 today (March 8) with the theme, “Make it Happen.”

The day brings an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women.

A number of events will be organized across the country to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women.

This year, several departments in the federal capital will also conduct different programmes to commemorate the day.

Several organizations will hold seminars, conferences, to highlight the issues facing women in Pakistan.

First International Women’s Day was held 1911 to raise awareness about relevance of equality and women contribution, in varied capacities to the society.

Yet, for several years in most of the developed countries women had to strive even for their right to vote. Pakistan on the contrary was among the few countries where women had actively participated in the struggle and also exercised their right to vote for establishment of the country itself.