LONDON – Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz leader and former first daughter Maryam Nawaz said on Saturday that she will return to Pakistan along with her father Nawaz Sharif on Friday.

She was Speaking to media in London, a day after the accountability court’s verdict, which imposed 11-year punishment against former premier Nawaz Sharif and sentenced her daughter, Maryam Nawaz to eight years in prison in the Avenfield properties reference.

Maryam said that consultation is underway against the decision and the lawyers are looking at the matter from legal angles.

Sharifs to challenge Avenfield reference verdict in IHC

When asked whether the father and daughter will return within the 10-day deadline set for appeal.

“Due process will be implied against the court’s decision,” said Maryam Nawaz, adding that the institutions in the UK have already told the Pakistani institutions that no illegality was carried out.”

Maryam urged the masses to set aside the verdict against Sharif family on July 25.

On Friday, Accountability Court-I Judge Mohammad Bashir announced the verdict in the Avenfield properties reference. Apart from the prison sentence, Nawaz Sharif was given a £8 million fine (Rs1.3 billion), while Maryam was fined £2 million (Rs335 million).

Avenfield reference verdict: Nawaz Sharif, Maryam and Capt (r) Safdar sentenced to prison by accountability court

Earlier, the former ruling family of Pakistan decided to take the landmark verdict in their London properties case to the Islamabad High Court (IHC).