Maryam Nawaz appears before Panama Case JIT for the first time

  • Over 2500 security official of police, Rangers and FC have been deployed
  • All roads leading to Federal Judicial Academy leading have been sealed
  • JIT cannot respond to my question regarding accusations, says Maryam Nawaz
Panama Case verdict announced

ISLAMABAD – Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday endorsing the statement of her brother Hassan Nawaz said that she had asked the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) about allegations against them but it did not reply.

Maryam, today, made her maiden appearance before the team, which is probing Panama paper case.

She is accompanied by both her brothers, Hussain Nawaz and Hassan Nawaz, husband Captain (r) Safdar, Information Minister Maryam Aurengzaib and PML-N leader Asif Kirmani.

After the two-hour long session, she spoke to media outside the judicial academy. She said that JIT has not answered her questions, while saying that she had responded to every question they put to her.

She said that it was the first JIT which is looking for allegations instead of carrying out an investigation.

JIT is asking questions regarding the family’s businesses, which have no link with public money, she said, adding that they were answerable if there is any embezzlement in public money.

Maryam added that she was summoned despite her name not appearing in SC’s orders, adding that it is the fifth accountability of the Sharif family. It is not the first controversy in which she has been involved, Maryam said, adding that efforts were also made to involve her in Dawn leaks.

Calling her father “Sher Dil,” she said “every accountability will strengthen PM Nawaz more than before.”

Slamming Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan, Maryam said that they were facing investigation instead of hiding in rest houses of Nathia Gali like other politicians.

Numbers of supporters are gathered at the judicial academy who welcomed the PM’s daughter by chanting slogan, “Hum sub ki awaz…Maryam Nawaz Maryam Nawaz”.

Over 2500 security officials including police, Rangers and other law enforcement agencies will perform duty to ensure her safe appearance, while barbed wires have been laid down around the judicial academy to limit the public.

On the other hand, different routes leading to the judicial academy have been closed for public.

The ruling party, PML-N, have been showing concerns over JIT’s decision to summon the daughter of the prime minister for interrogation.

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had said that the investigation team should send questionnaire to Maryam, instead of requiring her physical appearance.

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah slamming the decision had termed it against the Islamic traditions.

Connection to Panama Case

In the Panama Papers, Maryam Nawaz has been shown to be a beneficial owner of the offshore companies — Neilsen Enterprises and Nescoll Ltd —  through which flats had been purchased in London. However, the Supreme Court had cleared her in the Panama Papers controversy

According to the court, Maryam Nawaz “has received cash gifts from her father in substantial amounts on various occasions … receipt of gifts from the father does not necessarily make respondent No.6 (Maryam) his (Nawaz Sharif’s) dependent in the legal sense of the word”.

Maryam Nawaz’s Resolve

Maryam expressed her resolve to appear before the JIT to face investigations on her Twitter account.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Maryam Nawaz said that her father has seen and been through “most testing times, in the 30+ years of his political career acing out his rivals” yet as an affectionate and protective father, she saw his eyes filled with concern and apprehensions over his daughter’s appearance before JIT.

“I told him that I am your daughter, trained by you, will neither cower down, nor yield to pressure & nothing will deter me from taking up the cudgels against transgression and injustice. Will appear before the JIT, follow the rule of law as you always have,” Maryam Nawaz wrote on Twitter.

PM’s Family

Earlier, the JIT had interrogated seven members of the Sharif family, including PM Nawaz Sharif, CM Shehbaz Sharif, Hassan Nawaz, Hussain Nawaz, Captain (r) Safdar, Tariq Shafi and Ishaq Dar. She is the eighth member of the family who is going to record her statement today.


Final Report

The JIT has submitted its three periodic reports to the Supreme Court’s implementing bench and will submit its final report to the apex court on the July 10.

Meanwhile, the JIT has also summoned Chairman NAB Qamar Zaman Chaudhry to record his statement today (Wednesday).