ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf member of national assembly Murad Saeed punched Javed Latif of Pakistan Muslim League Javed Latif here on Thursday.

According to media reports, Murad was angered after PML-N member slammed PTI supremo Imran Khan for his ‘phateechar’ remarks regarding the foreign players who participated in PSL final.

Both Murad and PML-N’s legislator Latif came out of the assembly hall after indulging in a verbal duel but angered Murad gave a blow to Latif, loosing his temper.

Murad, minutes after the skirmish talked to media and expressed that Javed Latif alleged PTI chairman Imran Khan of being a traitor.

‘Imran Khan is my leader and proud of Pakistan’ said Murad in a vehement tone.

Detailing the incident, he expressed that Javed abused him and he did not replied in the same manner adding that the veracity of his claims could be verified through the CCTV footage.

The young PTI member went on and expressed that Pashtuns were facing severe racial profiling in Punjab.

He expressed that the government was not implementing the National Action Plan.He sought to beef up the security of parliament house adding that PML-N could attack the house as well.

Earlier, Javed Latif in a bried talk to local television maintained that he did not slap Murad Saeed initially as he was like his own son. He also forgave Murad Saeed.

He claimed that he did not term Imran Khan ‘traitor’ and expressed that Murad was groomed like that.