KARACHI (Staff Report) – Former mayor of Karachi  Mustafa Kamal on Thursday blasted Altaf Hussain, saying the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief doesn’t care for any MQM worker and used the Mahajir community for futile purposes.

The former MQM leader was flanked by his former party worker Anees Qaimkhani during a press conference in Karachi.

Admitting that Altaf Hussain has direct contacts with Indian intelligence agency, Research Analysis Wing (RAW), and was working on the Indian agenda for terror activities in Pakistan.

“Two generation gave their lives for Altaf Sahb,” said Mr Kamal, adding that the MQM chief still doesn’t care about any of the party worker or even other human beings.

Altaf Hussain’s Intoxication

He also regretted being a part of MQM’s senior leadership which has been “cleaning the mess” of highly intoxicated Altaf Hussain’s speeches.


“Altaf Sahb gathered his workers and was intoxicated, when he addressed his supporters at Nine Zero after the PTI achieved success during the 2013 elections,” said Kamal.

Despite repeated requests, Altaf Hussain did not listen to advice by the party leaders, he added.

Kamal said Altaf was intoxicated when addressing the entire Rabita Committee. He added that people have sacrificed their lives and generations for Altaf Hussain, while we used to take responsibility of all his mistakes and actions.

“We tried our best to keep Altaf Hussain from being exposed. Initially, he used to be out of senses at night due to excessive drinking, but now he stays intoxicated for days and weeks,” stated Kamal.

Kamal went on to state, “He (Altaf) used words such as thok do (kill them) for PTI workers and it became the Rabita Committee’s job to explain and justify his statements in front of the entire world,” said Kamal.

Calling Altaf Hussain a liar, the former mayor said their comeback is aimed at revealing the ‘truth’ about the MQM chief and their departure from the country.

Lamenting MQM’s current status, Kamal said, “We were a patriotic community, now we are called RAW agents.”

Let me tell you why I, specifically, left the party. I was scared, I was so scared that God knew what I was doing and that I could not stop all that had been happening. I thought that to keep myself at the minimum level of Iman [faith] I can at least distance myself from all this mess, he continued.

“Our conscience had awakened and that is why we distanced ourselves from the wrongdoings,” Mustafa Kamal added. “I also knew myself and my family had life threats and that we would be killed if we opposed Altaf Hussain.”

The Comeback

The former MQM leaders returned to Pakistan from Dubai for the first time since 2013.

Mustafa Kamal also announced the formation of a new political party, which he said is yet to be named. He raised a Pakistani flag and said it is the official emblem of his newly launched organisation. “Today we are laying the foundation of an organisation… You may call it a party. We are just two individuals, myself and Anees Qaimkhani.”

Talking to the media on Thursday morning, Kamal said that coming back to Pakistan was like a dream. “I will discuss my future and narrate the story of last two years in today’s press conference,” he added.

However he avoided any other questions during the brief talk with media, saying that every question will be answered in press conference.

Mustafa Kamal served as Karachi Mayor on the ticket of MQM however he distanced himself from the party due to certain difference in 2013. He has been residing in United Arab Emirates (UAE) for last two years.

This is developing story. More updates to follow…