ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Monday said the church bombings was a tragic incident. He said the noose has been tightened around terrorists to make the country the abode of peace.

Giving a briefing to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Interior, Nisar said overall law and order situation has improved to a great deal as a result of the government’s effective counter-terrorism policy.

He, however, asked the nation to stand firm to take the war on terror to its logical conclusion.

Nisar urged the political parties to think out of the box to root out terrorism.

He said the terrorists are now targeting soft targets, including mosques, churches and schools.

He was of the view that those who took the law into their hands in the wake of the incident also forwarded the agenda of terrorists who wanted to drive a wedge, and create discord and frustration in society.

He said terrorists are now targeting mosques, churches and schools in utter desperation and “we should remain united to foil their nefarious designs”.

He said the war on terror is not easy at all. When the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz came into power, several bomb blasts used to occur in a day but the government has been successful in limiting the number of attacks.

He said the attacks on mosques and churches depict the wretched condition of the banned outfits.

He further said when he became the federal minister several important files were missing. “When they tried to pursue several cases, there was no record present for investigations.”

Nisar said he was trying to get the record of Interior Ministry computerised to prevent further loss of important data.

The minister also told the parliamentary body that the government has suspended all prisoner exchange agreements with other countries after it discovered that prisoners repatriated from Britain were set free by corrupt officials without completing their sentence.

“We investigated and found out that two prisoners were set free in two months and the third one spent just one day in jail,” he said.

Authorities have arrested an interior ministry official and a police officer after investigating a complaint by British authorities, that three convicts sent to Pakistan in 2010 to serve out their prison terms ranging from 18 to 25 years for drug trafficking and murder were released within two months.