KABUL – The Afghan Presidential Palace said on Wednesday that Afghanistan and Pakistan will conduct joint operations against terrorists and their safe havens along the Durand Line, TOLO News reported.

According to the Afghan authorities, the development came after US senators paid a visit to Pakistani military officials and assured Afghanistan that Islamabad, in coordination with Kabul, will conduct the joint operations.

President Ashraf Ghani’s spokesperson, deputy Najibullah Azad, said the operation would be conducted under the US supervision. “Both the countries will launch operations in their territory against terrorists and oversee the US operations.”

Ministry of Defence (MoD) deputy spokesman Mohammad Radmanish said, “This means that both the countries launch operations on their territory to destroy enemy nests on either side of the Durand Line.”

Meanwhile, it appears that Afghan Chief Executive Dr Abdullah Abdullah is cautious about the operation and said: “If the United States does not supervise the situation closely, the operation will not bring any favourable results.”

“If the US monitoring takes place, both sides can take military action after identifying the terrorist centers,” Dr Abdullah’s spokesperson Mujib Rahimi said.