RAWALPINDI – Prime Minister Imran Khan promised the country that “Pakistan will never fight someone else’s war again”, hinting at the long and ongoing war that started with US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

He was speaking at a ceremony to commemorate Pakistan’s 53rd Defence Day and pay tribute to the martyrs of the 1965 war was held at the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi.

Prime Minister Imran Khan was accompanied by First Lady Bushra Imran, the event was attaended by Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa and other civil and military leaders.

Khan’s statement was line with his oft stated position about US war in Afghanistan dubbed as ‘war on terror’, which he says was an American war into which Pakistan was dragged under duress.

Addressing the Defence Day ceremony as a chief guest at General Headquarters (GHQ), Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “we have to strengthen our institutions if we want to progress as a nation.”

“There is no such thing as a civil-military tug of war. I will all rise and fall with this nation. And I know the Pakistan military think the same way too.”

“Our goals are same that is to make Pakistan as one of the greatest countries of the world.”

“We will together strengthen our institutions. All our enemies tried to take advantage of the fact that we went into someone else’s war, but I thank the Pakistan army and our intelligence agencies with how they fought this war and defeated terrorism.”

The Premier said, “We have many issues as a nation but I have no doubt that we will rise as a great country.”

He went on to say that the first welfare state was made by Islam and it was a system of merit… not made for just an elite and there was a focus on education. These were the principles that were set.

“If Pakistan is to rise as a nation, these are the principles we need to follow,” Khan said.

“This nation will rise when the poor man knows that his son is getting quality education on the state’s expense and that education will open opportunities for his son to achieve success in life. That is when the common man will want to become part of this system and own it,” the prime minister added.

“For the past three weeks, I have been seeing presentations on all the problems that this country is facing, and I can tell you this that we will become a nation and rise again. We can overcome these problems once we strengthen the rule of law in this country,” PM Khan said.

Going back to the history of Islam, PM Khan said that we need to look at the way Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) brought together different tribes to form a nation.

“We will bring this meritocracy to all fields in the country in order to help us prosper as a nation,” the premier vowed.

PM Imran assured, “Pakistan won’t fight any foreign war anymore.”

Imran Khan paid rich tribute to the martyrs, saying that “Our Shuhuda are those who have been blessed and have been given the highest stature in our religion after Prophets.”

The prime minister also mentioned that all fields in the country including agriculture will prosper once we develop a strong rule of law in the country.

PM Khan took advantage of the occasion to clarify that there was no such thing as civil-military tension, “there is one common goal, that is to solve the problems of this nation”.

PM Imran Khan, COAS Bajwa attend Defence Day ceremony at GHQ (PHOTOS, VIDEO)