LAHORE (Web Desk) – After Pakistan’s defeat by West Indies in World Cup 2015, question marks are again being raised at the character of former chairman of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) and current member of governing board, Mr. Najam Sethi. Critics opine that Pakistan Cricket has been destroyed after Najam Sethi’s entry in PCB.

Participants in a program on a private TV channel said that after appointments of Mr. Zaka Ashraf as PCB Chairman and government-patronized Najam Sethi, sport had been reduced while politics had increased. For three months, Najam Sethi fought a battle for the sake of his own position and did nothing for Cricket. After becoming Chairman PCB, he concentrated more on expanding his contact list.

When Najam Sethi was no more a Chairman, he made his entry in the governing board. His ego destroyed Cricket in Pakistan and no attention was paid to the team. There is need of major adjustments in PCB. If there is no Cricket left in Pakistan, then no board would be needed. At present, we see prevalence of politics more than the game of Cricket itself.