Cable ads have provided Pakistanis with entertainment since the media explosion and now, as a logical conclusion to everything that had unfolded, a king has emerged on the scene. His name is Waseem Hassan Sheikh. Not only has he taken the art of making cable tv ads to new heights, this enterprising individual has also acquired clients from every mohallah in Punjab. His acumen as a businessman and as an artist is being widely acknowledged and his ads are going viral.

Here are some of his best ads:

This one for Hanif Tailors is worth watching till the end:

Hanif Tailors!

And this one was on his youtube, I guess must be his first venture! 😀

Posted by Sadia Safdar on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When you have clothes made from Hanif Tailors, who needs a bride?

This ad for Al-Sheikh Fan

TVC-Al Sheikh Fan-Directed By-Waseem Hassan Sheikh-Hassan Studio 1 Lahore-0323-8826984——–0345-4745260

Posted by Waseem Hassan Sheikh on Monday, May 11, 2015

Al-Sheikh Fan is located at Chowk Chuburji, the viewer will never forget.


Butt Restaurant & Cattering:

T V C-Butt Restaurant & Cattering-Directed By-Waseem Hassan Sheikh-Hassan Studio 1 Lahore—————–0323-8826984——0345-4745260

Posted by Waseem Hassan Sheikh on Saturday, May 2, 2015

“Barbeque ka tou apna hi maza hai”


Special effort was put into making ‘New Karchi Cikken Haleem ad’, and it shows:

new Karachi chiken kuzi haleem-Directed By-Waseem Hassan Sheikh-Hassan Studio 1 Lahore-0323-8826984 – 0345-4745260

Posted by Waseem Hassan Sheikh on Thursday, April 23, 2015


And finally, this masterpiece:

Kit Kat Tel-Cum PowderKit Kat Tel-Cum Powder :PThe LOCAL AD that is going VIRAL in Pakistan today for ALL WRONG REASONS.

Posted by Viral in Pakistan on Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How people on social media are coping with these ads:

One user couldn’t cope:

There were accusations:

And arguments:

Some were bewildered:

And one person could not take it:

Mr Waseem Hassan Sheikh is versatile as well as prolific. He has a team and everything. These are all serious and earnest businesses and it is very likely that the ads are working too. We are living in an age where these things can be easily made and spread to a wide audience, spreading joy and happiness throughout the land. What a time to be alive.