ISLAMABAD – The Election Commission has directed Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to issue show cause notice to television channels airing election advertisement campaign carrying indecent language.

The direction was issued at a briefing to the Election Commission by PEMRA about the use of inappropriate language in election advertisement campaign by political parties on electronic media.

The authority observes in its notice: “Despite issuing an advice and verbal discourse with all the licensees no significant compliance is witnessed on the television screens. Satellite TV channels are persistently airing Live marathon transmissions/press conferences by political leadership containing defamatory and derogatory content targeting various state institutions specifically judiciary and armed forces of Pakistan.”

The commission directed PEMRA to take action against the channels violating the electoral code of conduct.

PEMRA has also been asked to present an estimate of the expenditures of advertisement campaign of political parties on electronic media.

No convicted person to be given space on PTV

It emerged on Thursday that the Pakistan Television (PTV) issued an office order earlier this week, directing all staff to strictly ensure that “no convicted person is to be shown or talked about on any PTV channel/programme, whether, in paid advertisements, news or current affairs talk shows”.

Pemra directed to ban PTI’s ‘abusive worded’ TV adverts