LAHORE (Staff Report) – Recent cuts in petrol products’ prices has caused fuel shortage in different parts of the country.

Petrol station owners in Lahore have skipped order placement for petrol after price cut, sources said. People can be seen standing in long ques waiting get a liter of petrol.

All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association’s (APOTOA) strike has added to the problem in Karachi, where  people in several parts of the city have no petrol supply.

APOTOA has called the strike to protest against sales tax imposed on transportation of oil. This is being seen as the main reason for the shortage which is causing great difficulty for consumers in Punjab and Sindh.

Secretary Petroleum has demanded APOTOA to call off the strike to give relief to people.

The shortage comes as the government notified a decrease of Rs 3 per liter in the prices of petrol and diesel.