PPP puts Murad Ali Shah back in the saddle as CM Sindh

  • Rehana Leghari to replace Shehla Raza as Deputy Speaker

KARACHI  – Pakistan Peoples Party has nominated Murad Ali Shah as the candidate for the Chief Minister of Sindh, where the party is in a comfortable position to form the government.

The development came as Bilawal Bhutto chaired the parliamentary meeting of the party to finalize the nominations for the top slot.

Pakistan Peoples Party also decided to nominate Agha Siraj Durrani for Speakership and Rehana Leghari for Deputy Speakership of the Sindh Assembly.

Murad Ali Shah has served as the chief executive of the province from July 2016 to the end of PPPP’s last stint. He had replaced Qaim Ali Shah.

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Moreover, Agha Siraj Durrani has also served as the Speaker of the Sindh Assembly in the last five years from 2013 to 2018 and would retain the position in the next set up.

Rehana Leghari, who is elected to the house on reserved seats, would take charge as Deputy Speaker of the provincial house for the first time; the slot was earlier occupied by Shehla Raza.

PPP had clinched 74 seats in the provincial assembly and it does not need the support of any political force to take over the reins of the province for another 5 years; the party is in power in Sindh from 2008 after the demise of founder Benazir Bhutto.