ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that government welcomes PTI’s decision to contest upcoming senate polls at seats reserved for Khayber Pakhtunkhuwa assembly but it is a way illogical to boycott in other provinces.
While addressing a press conference the finance minister raised reservations on the recent announcement by PTI head Imran Khan by saying that Khan finds no electoral rigging in the province his party won but everywhere else it lost.
He maintained that government was all set to form the judicial commission to probe the allegations of rigging during general election 2013. Talks were being already but the problem can be sorted out in half hour if Imran Khan wishes so, he added.
“we have accepted almost every demand raised by PTI for the proposed judicial commission including the new legislation but dragging the every electoral regulatory before the commission would result in no finding”, he quoted.
PTI should join the electoral reforms committee in order to introduce the electoral system in Pakistan instead, he explained.
While answering to a question Dar said that the proposed commission would be granted right to question any institution over the alleged rigging and everybody could present evidences before the commission.
Federal minister also announced that State Bank has decided to lower the interest to 8.5% from 9.5% in upcoming monitory policy.