KARACHI – Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has reaffirmed that the Qatari letter presented before the five-member larger bench regarding Panama Leaks case was fraudulent.

Talking to newsmen in Karachi, he expressed that the real money trail was Ishaq Dar’s confessional statement adding that the Qatari prince in question was himself corrupt.

He went on and referred to Qatari ambassador’s statement in which he denied any link with prince’s letter.

He expressed that Supreme Court (SC) was being threatened at the moment and Nawaz was cutting ribbons only after Panama Leaks case emerged.

PTI supremo also announced to accept the verdict of SC in Panama leaks case hoping that the hearing would resume on Monday.

‘If Panama case was Sharif family’s personal matter, why federal ministers were attending the proceedings?’ said Imran Khan.

The legislator took aim at the recently sworn in Sindh governor Muhammad Zubair and claimed that he was appointed at the post for defending Nawaz Sharif’s corruption.

Imran Khan went a little soft on Muhammad Zubair adding that his brother Asad Umar was sitting along with him.

PTI supremo also fired broadside at the Singh government for not solving the water crises of Karachi and maintained that the city had been transformed into piles of garbage.

‘These piles of trash you see on the roads were not there when we used to visit in our cricketing days’ asserted Imran Khan.