PESHAWAR (Staff Report) – Former President and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari hit out at the military establishment.

Talking at an oath-taking ceremony of FATA office-bearers in Peshawar, he said, “Stop victimizing us or we will tear you down brick by brick. We do not want to undermine your establishment. So be advised… You have been warned, you have been warned, you have been warned.”

His reaction came after army accused PPP of corruption, land-grabbing, smuggling of Iranian oil, extortion, etc. Zardari said that Indian Intelligence agency ‘RAW’ is behind banned outfits.

He lashed out at former President Pervez Musharraf, saying: “Self-proclaimed commando could not face prison for three months while he (Zardari) faced imprisonment for five years in Musharraf’s era.” He said he did want not to derail democracy. He said, “I know the extent of danger to country while Musharraf does not know anything.” He challenged those who were criticizing PPP, saying that “our character assassination should stop now.”