LAHORE (Staff Report) – Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan took to Twitter to quash the rumour regarding his wife Reham Khan entering formal politics.

PTI Chairman categorically denied the rumours and express his disappointment over the way Reham has been harassed and bullied on social media after the defeat of PTI candidate in NA 19.

Khan defended his wife’s decision to attend and deliver speeches in PTI’s meetings and functions, adding that she was specially invited by the women of the constituency.  He also said that Reham will not attend PTI functions anymore.

PTI Chairman reiterated his stance on family politics and said his wife will not hold official position in the party.

Reham Khan came under fire for attending a function in Haripur, as soon as PTI’s candidate Raja Aamir Zaman lost the by-poll elections in NA 19. Replying to the harassment, she denied rumours about her interest in contesting elections.