KARACHI –  Six people of a same family were burnt to death when their van caught fire in Garden area, Karachi early Sunday morning, police said.

Photo: Dunya TV

The horrific incident took place in front of Jilani Masjid near Karachi Zoological Gardens where a van caught fire all of a sudden. As a result, three men, a woman and two children died on the spot while several others were injured.

The injured have been shifted to Civil Hospital. According to witnesses, the fire broke out first in the front head of the vehicle, rapidly spreading to the rear. Resultantly, those caught in the vehicle could not save themselves.

Photo: Dunya TV

Police officials said the deceased and the injured belonged to the same family, who had set out for a picnic early morning. Law enforcers cordoned off the site of the incident. They are investigating the matter from various angles.

Meanwhile, rescue sources said that members of two families were travelling to Hawke’s Bay in the burnt vehicle. According to them, the vehicle caught fire due to a cylinder explosion.

The deceased include three men, two women and one child. Two volunteer relief workers and two van passengers including 17-year-old Maryam and eight-year-old Shehroze were among the injured.

The driver suspiciously fled the scene and is nowhere to be found, according to police officials.

Officials at the scene explained that four of the van’s passengers were pulled out in time, but added that they have suffered severe injuries and have been shifted to Jinnah Hospital.