VIDEO: Punjab CM Shehbaz launches Lahore’s Safe City Project

  • The project was initiated in May, 2016 to make the Punjab capital safe and has been completed at a cost of Rs14.52 billion

LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday inaugurated the Safe City Project in Lahore where eight thousand cameras have been installed at 1700 important points.

The Punjab Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication Centre (IC3) will enhance the security of lives and property of the citizens of Punjab by employing smart technology and equipping Punjab Police with modern surveillance capability, according to officials.

Shehbaz Sharif said on Twitter: “Through this project, we shall not only be able to give safe and secure cities to our succeeding generations but also facilitate the movement of citizens. Improvement in law and order situation will have positive impact on business, economy and trade outputs as well.”

The project was initiated by Punjab CM in May, 2016 to make the city safe and has been completed at a cost of 14.52 billion rupees. Fibre optic cable is used in the program and video wall comprising 203 scanners has been made in the head office for monitoring.

Furthermore, pictures of criminals and terrorists have been installed in the cameras, and authorities will be immediately alerted when any camera will identify the suspect anywhere. The project will help to improve the security situation in great deal.