DUBAI (Staff Report) – New York Times reporter Declan Walsh on Wednesday said we have more evidence against Axact, a group that has been accused of selling fake degrees online, adding that these documents have not yet been disclosed and can be presented to the courts- if required.

The reporter who recently revealed that Pakistan’s self-proclaimed top IT company, Axact, was involved in running the fake degrees business around the globe through its 370 websites, said that my interest into the newly emerging media groups in Pakistan led me to investigating several facts about upcoming Bol network. “Pakistani journalists told me many stories about the group behind this media house but none of them had any solid evidence”.


He said Pakistan’s FIA has recovered documents from Axact’s offices during the recent raids that prove the group has been running fake universities.

In an interview to BBC Urdu Declan went on to say that he is not concerned whether Pakistani news channels are using his revelations to target Axact’s upcoming news channel or not.


While answering another question Mr. Walsh stated that Axact group has been threatening their former employees of legal consequences upon disclosure of any internal information, the employees have to sign a confidentiality agreement before they join the company.

When asked if he thinks that FBI will take any action against Axact group or not, Declan Walsh said that it would not be possible for him to say anything about possible legal charges against the group inside United States, however FBI has been taking up such cases in the past.