Sharif family will emerge victorious in Panama case: PM Nawaz

  • Masses rejected the elements which demanded my resignation: PM Nawaz
  • Give us money trail of those who looted Sharif family: PM Nawaz

SIALKOT – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has claimed his family would emerge victorious in the Panama case currently being heard by the Supreme Court.

Addressing the participants at Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Wednesday, the prime minister expressed that those who were involved in corruption should be investigated.

“Why are we being investigated,” questioned the PM while inquiring who would trace the money trail of those who robbed Sharif family of its wealth/assets in the past.

He went on to say that his family had been facing accountability since 1972.

Nawaz Sharif, who had been avoiding public appearance ever since the Joint Investigation Team submitted its report to the apex court, emphatically claimed that not a single corruption case surfaced during his tenure expressing that the government would keep on performing its duties.

“What would be the future of Pakistan, provided the leg pulling continues,” he asked.

In a veiled reference towards PTI chief Imran Khan, the prime minister fired a broadside at his political rivals and maintained that masses rejected the forces repeatedly who demanded his resignation.

Detailing the infrastructure development during his third stint, the prime minister expressed that motorways were being built and airports were being established across the country.

For one more time, the premier vowed to eradicate loadshedding by next year.

The premier observed that Lowari tunnel which was undergoing construction from as early as 1970 was being completed under his leadership by the government.

Nawaz Sharif claimed that the visit of Chinese president was postponed for six times owing to which the development under the multi-billion Dollars China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was delayed.

He repeatedly posed questions seeking as to why they were being held accountable.

‘Is this the scrutiny of our personal business’ he asked in the purview of Panama papers investigations.

Taking a sarcastic jibe at political foes, the premier expressed that what should he do if masses avoided voting them.

‘Hurl allegations to whatever extent you can, people would not vote you in future as well’ he said.

He blamed the political opponents for the bearish trend in stock exchange adding that the market lost 10,000 points due to their plans.

Expressing his loyalty to the country, the embattled chief executive claimed that he would have accepted a staggering Rs5 billion Dollars from Clinton instead of carrying out nuclear tests.

The premier also lavished praise on defence minister Khawaja Asif who was accompanying him and said that he was not worried due to loyal fellows like him.

‘Khawaja Asif is my companion from year 1964 and his speech casts a spell on everyone including me’ the premier added.

At the end of his speech, the premier pitched a question for the participants and asked: Whether Pakistan of 2017 is better than of 2013?

To this, the participants replied ‘Yes’ before giving a round of applause.