‘Zakoota’ from ‘Ainak Wala Jin’ no more: Pakistan’s most loved ‘genie’ dies at 68

  • Nicknamed Munna Lahori, Matloobur Rehman had been paralysed for many years
  • His funeral prayers will be offered after Zuhr prayers

LAHORE – Television actor Matloobur Rehman, who played one of the country’s most popular characters ‘Zakoota’ in children’s comedy ‘Ainak Wala Jin’, breathed his last at Lahore’s Mayo Hospital late on Friday night. He was 68.

Nicknamed Munna Lahori, Rehman had been paralysed after being diagnosed with diabetes in 2012.

His funeral prayers will be offered after Zuhr prayers tomorrow (Sunday). Rehman has left behind a widow, three sons, and two daughters.

‘Zakoota’ first gained popularity with Ainak Wala Jinn in 1993, popular serial continued for about three years. Matloob’s character Zakoota became very popular among children; many of who watched the show still remember his iconic dialogue – “Mujhe kaam batao, mein kya karoun, mein kis ko khaun?”

Ainak Wala Jin’s Bil Batori dies at 65

Last October, Rehman’s colleague Nusrat Ara aka Bil Batori had died after prolonged illness at Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital.