A conspiracy theorist who goes by the name of ‘Games Exposed’ has claimed on YouTube that there could be more to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington’s ‘apparent’ suicides. 

Forensic Pathologist & former medical examiner Dr. Warner, as mentioned in the video, has revealed that Cornell’s autopsy report was not too convincing of the fact that he had committed suicide.

Chester Bennington died on the same day Chris Cornell was born, which was another eerie coincidence.

Released about 2 months ago, Chester’s last video ‘Good, Goodbye’, showed him participating in a consequential basketball game, where some sort of ‘grim reaper’ is controlling his own minions, and in the end, everyone dies except a young girl, apparently symbolizing innocence, and how only the ‘innocent’ survive.

The conspiracy theorist argues, is the DEMON the entity you sign the contract with, to become famous and mark your place in this world?

He further claims that there must be a huge corporation-behind the scenes-that was controlling the music industry for the mysterious suicides & deaths that had been occurring throughout the past.

The theorist also talks about the Luciferian Doctrine followers, Illuminati, Free Masons and the New World Order.

Watch the video to learn & find out more: