The Third World is known for crimes against women. Acid throwing, honor killing, marriage to the Quran, Karo Kari, Watta Satta, child marriage etc, are some of the gruesome age-old social crimes solely attributed to conservatism, traditionalism and ignorance. Any such occurrence, either in Pakistan or India, is splashed all over the international press with all its negative connotations and an image of backwardness, cruelty, and barbarity for this part of the World. All this negativity goes into the narrative of depicting this part of the subcontinent as the last bastion of crimes against women in a society which is historically eschewed against women’s rights and freedoms.

In contrast, the Western civilization depicted in the progressive and liberal societies of the Americas, Europe, and the Far East is always taken for granted as the flagbearer for women liberation and independence. However, a recent incident in London reported on the social media is enough evidence, if any is needed, to prove the very fact that the so-called Western liberal society has visible signs of intolerance, brutality, and racial tensions simmering under the facade of modernity and progressiveness.

This is how an Asian girl Resh’s ordeal played out in reality on her 21st Birthday:

Is this the heartbreaking story of a liberal society which we all try to emulate? Are these the reactions from the police and the authorities expected from a true democracy? Where is the public support from the society or the community for Resh to condemn such a ruthless incident never ever heard of in this part of the World?

We need answers. And that too, very fast.