Malala was born on 12th July, and we are celebrating a girl who fought for her life & the right to education for every girl in Pakistan.

Today is the day a strong girl was born in Pakistan, who would be a future education activist for women in Pakistan. Malala taught girls to speak up for themselves, and never settle for anything they don’t approve of.

“On my birthday today, my message to all Pakistanis is: believe in yourself, speak up for your rights, acquire education because it is very important for the future of Pakistan.”

Malala further stated that education was the only way through which Pakistanis can shape the future of their country.

“My message to all parents is, if you can give something [precious] to your children, it is education. Through education they can progress and contribute to their country and family.”

Malala also had a message for the government. She requested the government to spend more money on education, and fulfill its promise of allocating 4% budget to education.

On the day of Malala’s birthday, the Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Shareef praised Malala’s efforts to promote educational rights and spreading awareness.