We never thought in our wildest dreams that we would be seeing a new and replenished bond between the two rivals, Fahad Mustafa and Aamir Liaquat. However just yesterday, the Jeeto Pakistan host sent out his declaration of love to his competitor and made his undue mark on Live TV!

Surprisingly, Liaquat hit back with an equally romantic reply! During his show Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga, Amir bhai did not flinch for a second before calling Fahad his brother, openly professing:

I Love You Too Fahad Mustafa.

And that’s not it, there’s much more to the story! Liaquat even offered Mustafa a plane as a gift to the Na Maloom Afraad hero and claimed that in order to receive his fair share the actor must come up to him and do a live show together!

There has always been an on-going war taking place between the duo. Without a doubt, the boys have to ensure that they get the most ratings for their channels and even reap the most fan-following out of their keen and dedicated audiences.

Despite all the cut-throat competitionit is good to see both of the personalities indulging in a raw and profound emotion such as love!