The latest update from Pakistan’s pop music happens to be Abdullah Qureshi’s single ‘Dastaan’, and we are already swooning over it!

The softness in his voice and the sweet, soulful melody is why we are so in love with it, which we found to be the USP in his latest song.

Don’t believe us? Hear it yourself!

Watch full video here:

This time, Abdullah has come up with a contemporary video, which tells the story of a die-hard fan, who is awaiting a response from her favourite celebrity, but her effort goes in vain.

The song has reached almost 300,000 views in 3 days since its release, and Abdullah is overwhelmed with all the love pouring in, he mentioned to Daily Pakistan.

Aarfa Faryal delivers a good performance as the obsessed fan-girl who is on the look-out for her favourite celebrity, and sends him messages on a daily basis. Her performance is also one of the reasons why we want to go through the video again and again.

We cannot wait for Abdullah Qureshi, the youth icon and also one of the best new pop artists in our industry, to deliver more refreshing songs in the future!

Go, Abdullah! Till then, let’s all enjoy this melodious slow beat on a rainy day with a cup of tea.