Well, you’ve seen Adnan Sami’s new look for his debut Bollywood film ‘Afghaan’!

According to reports, Sami will be playing the role of an Afghani musician in the film. Sporting a yellow turban and a heavy beard, Adnan makes the role seem more captivating.

People from all over the world are giving mixed reviews to his look, with one Afghani fan showering him with blessings and good luck for the role!

Reportedly, Sami is himself an Afghan descendant, and that makes him an interesting choice for the role and he certainly looks the part in the image. Of course, the strong musical element cannot be overlooked in the film, as Sami would be giving some insane music for his debut film!

Let’s see if Adnan Sami can impress with his acting skills, as he has already made a name for himself in the world of music.