LAHORE – Adnan Siddique is the ambassador of the ten-day festival called Fun Aur Funkaar that is currently taking place in Singapore. Events like these are much needed that make people more aware of Pakistani art, fashion, music and of course the delicious food is a bonus.

Adnan dresses to impress traditionally!

“This is a great pride and joy to represent my country as an ambassador in diplomatic affairs, such as the recent Pakistani festival Fun Aka Funkaar in Singapore organized by Azzah Waseem,” he said

Further adding, “The festival’s focus is on promoting the culture of Pakistan through the invaluable contributions of Sadeqain and Jamil Naqsh to the arts, Ali Xeeshan’s fashion exhibition, a dramatic show by Sania Saeed, Shafqat Amanat Ali and the Pakistani Food Festival. Arts and entertainment., anchored by the versatile Faizan Haque.”

The event was hosted by Adnan and organized by Azzah by Momentz.

Keep taking us places, Adnan!