Seriously, why does he do it? We honestly don’t understand.

The latest Twitter selfie that Ahmed posted, got him a lot of sarcastic twitterati comments, and people made fun of him, yet again.

He never learns, does he?!

Shehzad posted a selfie of himself after his work-out, without wiping the sweat off from his ‘chest hair’. No, we’re not into that, Ahmed.

Apart from that, he CLAIMED that his wife asked him how his workout was. Sure, wives call and do that all the time.

Moving on, he, instead of replying to his wife, posted a pic of himself all sweaty and posing like a sexy ‘water-showered’ model in Vogue. Right, we are like, so interested in seeing that.

Maybe some people actually are?! Not sure. However we would advise Ahmed Shehzad to post something cricket-related MORE than his own selfies, because, well, that’s what people do. Post about their careers, when they’re famous. Unless someone else is taking that ‘water-showered’ model picture for you, then it’s fine.

It does look like someone else took the picture though, doesn’t it?! HMMM! We wonder who it was.